2013 - You Auto Know! - Web Site, Texting, Twittering, E-mail - REVISITED

Scenario: Obviously, every dealership has a web site which provides various levels of information regarding the dealership, its history, personnel, inventory, and sales promotions. You have an individual that is tasked to keep the web site and content up to date. Your sales people also have their own form of communication through texting, Facebook, e­mails, blogs, and a multitude of other electronic communications. One of your sales people is texting a potential customer who sees an advertisement on your web site and the sales person indicates he can beat that deal by $200. The customer comes in and attempts to purchase the vehicle at the price the sales person has texted him; however, the dealership refuses to sell it at such a low price. Thereafter the consumer buys the same vehicle at another dealership and sues your dealership for the difference. What are the dealership’s responsibilities? . . . 2013 – YAK – September – Web Site, Texting, Twittering, Email Revisited