Monthly News For January, 2014

Resurrection of Tax-Exempt Status for Organizations Failing to File Returns

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The Internal Revenue Service has issued easier procedures for a tax­exempt organization to resurrect its tax­exempt status which has been revoked due to the organization’s failure to file its informational tax return (Form 990) for three consecutive years. This easier procedure applies to organizations which file informational return Forms 990­N (gross receipts of $50,000 or […]

Desktop Legal Primer for Ohio Claims

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In this Guide: Claim Limitation Periods– Negligence– Employer Intentional Tort– Damages– Joint and Several Tort Liability– Contribution and Indemnity– Automobile Insurance– Declaratory Judgment Actions– Insurance Coverage– Subrogation and Liens– Ohio Fair Claims Practices Act 2014 – Desktop Legal Primer for Ohio Claims

Former Criminal to Prospective Employee – Tips for Understanding Ohio Senate Bill 337 and CQEs in the Hiring Process

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Ohio Senate Bill 337 (SB 337) took effect on September 29, 2012, and enacted several reforms to Ohio’s criminal justice system. One well­publicized reform was the expansion of an individual’s eligibility to expunge or seal criminal convictions. Another less publicized reform actually grants employers immunity from negligent hiring claims and serves as evidence of due […]