Monthly News For January, 2015

Estate Planner – January-February

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In this issue: Life Insurance – A Powerful Estate Planning Tool for Nontaxable Estates Four Ways to Transfer A Family Business Changing Family Makeup Requires Estate Plan Review Funding the Costs of Disability Through an ABLE Account 2015 – Estate Planner – January February

The Duties of Charity Directors

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The Duties of Charity Directors

The new year is a good time to remind charities and their directors of the four basic fiduciary duties owed by a director to the charity in connection with serving on its board of directors: Duty of Care; Duty of Loyalty, Duty of Compliance, and Duty to Oversee Finances.  2015 – The Duties of Charity […]

Save the Date for Safety

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No matter how careful the employer is, accidents happen in the workplace. And, while you hope it never happens to you, sometimes those accidents can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. It is important to know how to respond before such a catastrophe occurs. That is why we highly recommend that you have the […]