Nancy Noall Discusses the DOL's Proposed Rule Raising the Minimum Salary Threshold for the White Collar Exemption

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Weston Hurd partner Nancy Noall was the keynote speaker at the recent Mahoning Valley Safety Council – Annual Safety Leadership Awards Luncheon. Before an audience of more than 250 people, Nancy’s presentation focused on the Department of Labor’s proposed rule raising the minimum salary threshold for the white collar exemption and the steps businesses should take now to prepare for the new rule. Highlights of Nancy’s presentation included:

  • What the law currently provides such as the duties test for each EAP exemption;
  • Background information on the proposed changes specifically the March 31, 2014 Presidential Memorandum and the DOL’s Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (NPRM);
  • How the proposed rule would change the current law including the salary level test;
  • When the proposed rule may likely go into effect; and
  • What steps companies should take now to prepare for the new rule including identifying exempt employees, determining overtime currently worked, and reviewing current job descriptions and job duties.