NLRB’s Notice Posting Rule Postponed No Longer

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A federal judge in Washington, D.C. recently denied a request by the National Association of Manufacturers to further delay implementation of the NLRB “notice” rule. As we have explained in prior alerts, the rule requires most private sector employers (both union and nonunion) to post a notice that informs employees of their rights under the […]

Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Requirement that Trial Courts Bifurcate Compensatory and Punitive Damage Phases of Trials Upon Motion

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In a February 15, 2012 decision, Havel v. Villa St. Joseph, 2012-Ohio-552, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld a key component of Ohio’s 2005 tort reform. Specifically, that tort reform included a requirement that trial courts bifurcate the punitive damage phase and evidence in a trial from the compensatory damage phase in a trial upon motion […]

Ohio Supreme Court Holds Sovereign Immunity Does Not Protect Political Subdivisions Against Employee Intentional Tort Claims

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Those involved with political subdivision claims will be interested in the Ohio Supreme Court’s new decision holding that sovereign immunity does not bar employee intentional tort claims when they arise out of the employment relationship. In Sampson v. Cuyahoga Metro. Hous. Auth., 2012 Ohio 570, defendant CMHA had plaintiff arrested in full view of his […]

You Auto Know! – Social Media

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Scenario: As you walk through your dealership, you see several employees on their smartphones, or iPads, checking email, texting and/or tweeting. You don’t know whether the activity is for business­related purposes or personal purposes. You are becoming concerned, not only about the lost productivity, but what exactly your employees are saying about the dealership, the […]