Save the Date for Safety

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No matter how careful the employer is, accidents happen in the workplace. And, while you hope it never happens to you, sometimes those accidents can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. It is important to know how to respond before such a catastrophe occurs. That is why we highly recommend that you have the person or persons in your Company who are responsible for safety attend the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Rick Artino, who is the Vice President of Safety Services for Spooner Risk Control, will be speaking that afternoon about how to respond to fatal accidents in the workplace. Mr. Artino’s presentation will set forth the process of responding to a workplace fatality, explain the investigation process, and list the tactics for dealing with the family, press, government regulators, and your workforce after a catastrophe occurs. . .¬†2015 – Save the Date for Safety¬†