Manufacturers: Help Is On the Way - Answers for Your Day-To-Day Employment Challenges

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Weston Hurd attorneys had an opportunity to dialog with human resource professionals, business owners and managers at the Wire-Net seminar for manufacturers on the topic of Manufacturers: Help Is On the Way – Answers For Your Day-to-Day Employment Challenges. The speakers addressed questions such as:

  • Do you struggle with employees taking off on Mondays & Fridays and charging it to their Family and Medical Leave?
  • Do any of your employees get called for active duty?
  • Have employees posted bad things about you on Facebook?

The attorneys provided guidance on how to navigate the employment-related mine fields that owners and human resource professionals deal with on a daily basis, specifically:

Employee Handbooks, Workers’ Compensation and the NLRB

  • Recent changes to employee handbooks requirements you should be aware of
  • Identifying terminable offenses and requests for temporary total near the time of employment termination
  • Social media policies, drug testing policies, and more!

Investigating FMLA Abuse

  • Employee who suddenly comes down with migraines every Friday?
  • Employee’s child suddenly develops a serious medical condition right after you refuse his requested vacation time?
  • Options a company has if it suspects an employee is misusing FMLA.

USERRA –Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

  • Employment requirements under the Act
  • Employment practices USERRA requires or prohibits
  • Procedures in a USERRA complaint and enforcement remedies