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Employment and Labor


The employment and labor workplace is an ever changing landscape due to new government regulation addressing real world events.  Our experienced employment and labor attorneys keep up to date on changes in the law so that clients’ employment policies and decisions are compliant with the law.  By educating our clients and discussing preventative measures with them, we help clients avoid unnecessary lawsuits and penalties.

We assist in all phases of legal compliance and the employment relationship, including equal employment opportunity and discrimination matters, wage and hour, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Family Medical Leave, workers’ compensation, Americans with Disabilities Act, and various state or federal matters.  Weston Hurd’s Employment & Labor attorneys draft employment manuals, drug and alcohol testing policies, and other workplace documents; handle union grievances and arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges, and discrimination charges; and negotiate collective bargaining agreements, individual employment contracts, and severance agreements.



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