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Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Administration


The Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration Practice Group provides counsel to individuals as well as businesses on the preservation, protection and resolution of personal wealth and estate planning matters, estate administration, and probate and trust litigation. The practice group is dedicated to providing individually tailored estate and business succession plans; assisting fiduciaries with their duties; and prosecuting or defending litigation in these areas. The attorneys in this group have extensive experience with pre-death and post-death tax planning and offer assistance in four distinct, but often interrelated, areas:

  • Estate Planning: Estate planning and the preservation and protection of personal wealth have always been among the firm’s traditional services. As part of the estate planning process, proper tax-avoidance techniques are used, when appropriate; and clients are counseled regarding closely-held and family businesses concerning ownership goals for succeeding generations.
  • Succession Planning: Understanding the importance of protecting a closely-held or family business as it transfers from generation to generation, Weston Hurd attorneys develop strategies that maximize growth opportunities while at the same time ensure a smooth transfer of ownership that is tax effective. This coordinated approach often results in a partnership with a family’s other trusted advisors such as financial planners and accountants and includes counsel on the transferring of assets, preparation of estate and business succession plans, charitable gift planning, payment of debts, and preparation of health care documents.
  • Estate, Guardianship and Trust Administration: The Estate and Trust Practice includes the proper transferring of assets, payment of debts, and the preparation of accurate estate tax returns, including estate income tax returns. Additionally, Weston Hurd is ready to assist if the client or a family member becomes incapacitated or incompetent by way of representation associated with the administration of a formal court Guardianship or through the representation of an agent under a power of attorney for property management and/or for health care decisions.
  • Probate and Trust Litigation: Weston Hurd has handled the many varieties of litigation that one can encounter in the probate court, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Will contests;
    • Trust related actions;
    • Power of Attorney related actions;
    • Concealment of Asset actions;
    • Disputes over the administration of an estate or guardianship

The attorneys represent their clients effectively and efficiently to meet their goals. They do this through a thorough understanding of the client’s wishes and then moving efficiently and resolutely resolve the matter at hand.



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