Governmental Liability


Weston Hurd represents clients and industries before administrative and elected governmental bodies. The firm’s Governmental Liability Practice Group is a team of results-oriented attorneys who successfully navigate bureaucratic regulations and governmental personalities to obtain favorable and innovative solutions for their clients. These attorneys represent their clients before multiple agencies, boards, commissions and offices of federal, state and local government. Often the process starts long before the hearing stage, initiated by contact and interaction with agency staff seeking to resolve or narrow issues. Weston Hurd attorneys work closely with state and local agencies as members of citizen boards, advisory committees and voluntary political work to help shape public policy and attendant decisions. Since working out public policy is often more important than contesting past mistakes, clients benefit from the group’s experience and active involvement in the legislative, executive, rulemaking and policy process. The firm has served as special counsel to the Ohio Attorney General in the school desegregation cases in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati as well as for certain Ohio colleges and universities.



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