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Medical Malpractice


Weston Hurd has a long history of commitment to the defense of medical professionals.  Among the strengths of the firm is the breadth and depth of the Medical Malpractice defense group and the number of attorneys available to assist, as necessary.  Each of our medical malpractice attorneys has trial experience. These attorneys draw upon their experience from many medical negligence cases and their knowledge of the experts frequently used by the plaintiffs on such cases.

The Medical Malpractice group devotes its time almost exclusively to the representation of health care professionals including hospitals, physicians, dentists, nursing homes and allied health care professionals.  The attorneys successfully defend physicians in solo and group practices and teaching institutions.  For teaching institutions, the attorneys defend not only attending physicians but those in training from residency through fellowship, and their entire support team.

The Medical Malpractice team consists of partners, associates and registered nurse paralegals who work together on behalf of self-insured institutions and liability insurers.  This team embraces the philosophy of early intervention and resolution, where warranted, and aggressive defense and a willingness to try appropriate cases.

The Medical Malpractice team emphasizes frequent communication both within the team and with our clients.  The team believes that a partnership between the insurer or self-insured entity and the attorney and between the health care professional and the attorney is fundamental for successful, timely and cost-effective resolution of lawsuits.  The most important part of this partnership is a risk management analysis throughout the course of litigation and at the conclusion of the matter.

Another component of the partnership is an ongoing and continuous evaluation and planning of case strategy with the health professionals, insurers and entities.  The Medical Malpractice team provides educational programs ranging from meetings with small groups of physicians or nurses to grand rounds presentations.  During the pendency of cases and at the conclusion the attorneys strive to provide healthcare professionals with specific information to improve their practice patterns.



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