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Have You Thought About Business Succession Planning Recently?

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On Thursday, November 10, Weston Hurd LLP and Corrigan Krause CPAs launched their BRIGHT IDEA series (Informative Discussion. Exceptional Advice.) designed to address topics that are important to the well-being of a closely-held business.

With two-thirds of businesses in the United States owned by entrepreneurs over the age of 50 and an estimated 10 million business owners retiring within the next 10 years, “Business Tips for Succession Planning and Business Valuation,” served as the natural topic for the BRIGHT IDEA inaugural program. Moderated by Weston Hurd partner, Gary Johnson, speakers included Dana Rose from Weston Hurd. Presenting to a group of closely-held business owners, the speakers discussed the importance of proper succession planning, including case studies and common issues faced by business owners when it comes time to transition out of their closely-held business. The most important themes included:

  • Start succession planning early before a triggering event forces the need for one;
  • Update the plan regularly since an estimated 35% of businesses will not sell due to poor succession planning and less than 1 in 4 closely held businesses have a formal succession plan in place; and
  • Consult trusted legal and accounting advisors to help plan for a lucrative and successful transition of business.


Contact Information:

Dana Rose – drose@westonhurd.com

Gary Johnson – gjohnson@westonhurd.com