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Weston Hurd's 2019 Desktop Legal Primer for Ohio Claims

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Weston Hurd’s 2019 Desktop Legal Primer for Ohio Claims serves as a comprehensive go-to-guide and useful reference tool for insurance claims professionals. Researched and written by Weston Hurd attorneys, the Primer contains Ohio statutes, case citations and covers information regarding:

  • Claim Limitation Periods – Statutes of Limitation; Product Liability Statute of Repose; Construction Statute of Repose; Civil Rights Claims; Employment Law Claims
  • Employer Intentional Tort
  • Damages – Caps on Non-Economic (Pain and Suffering) Damages; Caps on Punitive Damages; Damage to Real Property; Damage to Personal Property; Admissibility of “Writedown” of Medical Bills; Evidence of Collateral Benefits Paid to Plaintiff; Prejudgment and Post Judgment Interest; Parental Liability; Settlement of a Claim by a Minor; Statutory Damages
  • Negligence
  • Joint and Several Tort Liability
  • Contribution; Indemnity; Effect of a Payment and Release
  • Automobile Insurance – Mandatory Liability Limits; Pro-rata v. Excess Coverage; UM/UIM Coverage; Admissibility of Lack of Seatbelt, Protective Eye Device and Protective Helmet Use
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions – Joinder; Insurer’s Coverage Defenses Against Supplemental Petitions
  • Insurance Coverage – Construction Defect Claims; Allocation; Employer Intentional Tort; Punitive Damages; Retroactive Cancellation of Liability Insurance; Contract Void Ab Initio; Jurisdiction
  • Subrogation and Liens – The Make Whole Doctrine; Workers’ Compensation Subrogation; Ohio Medicaid Subrogation; Federal Medicare Subrogation
  • Ohio Fair Claims Practices Act – Unfair Property/Casualty Claims Settlement Practices

A copy of the 2019 Primer can be found by clicking this link: https://www.westonhurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2019-Desktop-Legal-Primer-for-Ohio-Claims-3.pdf


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