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Long Term Care


Weston Hurd has a dedicated team that focuses exclusively on long term care issues and represents private nursing homes and not-for-profit long term care facilities.  Comprised of attorneys and nurse paralegals, the team brings in-depth and comprehensive experience to matters involving long term care.

The Long Term Care Defense team works closely with nursing homes and not-for-profit long term care facilities to develop policies, procedures and protocols that demonstrate a commitment to sound practices.  This includes working with clients on survey reports, quality assurance standards, standard of care guidelines, and compliance with residents’ bill of rights and other federal and state statutes.  Attorneys also provide counsel on other patient care matters such as guardian appointments, confidentiality issues, fraud and abuse defense, and resident care litigation.

Working in conjunction with the firm’s employment attorneys, advice is provided in all areas of human relations: hiring, interviewing, performance reviews, peer review and credentialing, discipline and discharge.   They also assist with the development of handbooks and training manuals, and work with employers to establish fair and reasonable termination policies.  Where claims of employment discrimination or wrongful termination are made, the employment attorneys deal constructively with administrative agencies and have been able to resolve such disputes without litigation.

Should an employment or resident care matter ultimately result in litigation, clients are provided with comprehensive legal counsel from the initial investigation through to arbitration, mediation or trial.  Each case is evaluated based on several factors such as causation, liability, violations of residents’ bill of rights, plan of care, training and qualifications, and compliance with federal and state laws.  The firm considers attention to detail and a thorough analysis of each long term care matter of paramount importance.



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