Monthly News For October, 2013

Ohio Supreme Court Holds That Defendants Are Not Required to Offer Expert Testimony for the Admittance of Medical Write-Offs to Prove the Reasonableness of Medical Expenses

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On October 24, 2013, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned a Ninth District Court of Appeals decision, Moretz v. Muakkassa, 2012­Ohio­1177, in which the appellate court upheld a trial court order that a defendant must offer expert testimony to prove the reasonableness of medical charges based upon the amount of “write­offs” on medical bills. . . 2013 […]

You Auto Know! – FTC Investigations and Form 8300 $10,000 Compliance

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FTC Investigations: As you are aware, past You Auto Knows have discussed website advertising, Internet advertising, the use of smart phones by salespeople, Tweets and the need to comply with various state and federal advertising rules and regulations. From extensive experience with the Attorney General’s Office, this author has handled numerous Attorney General complaints about […]

Ohio Department of Taxation Issues Guidelines for Same Sex Couples Filing State Income Tax Returns and Joint Federal Income Returns

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Ohio’s Constitution contains a ban on legal recognition of same sex unions. Consequently, despite a recent United States Supreme Court case permitting states to recognize same sex marriage, Ohio same gender spouses who file a joint federal tax return, may not file a joint Ohio state tax return even if they were married in a […]